From Our Founder

Sharane at the beach

Somewhere along the way of my otherwise pretty awesome life, I was bitten by something that changed my life forever.  I got Lyme Disease. It stripped away years of my life and took me from a super active, full-of -life person to a bedridden shell of myself that was fighting for my life.

Literally. For years.

I made a promise to myself that IF I made it through, I was  going to do something, anything, to help prevent others  from having to suffer through this same journey.


I started this business because I have one single mission:

To Help. Save. Lives.

I know, I know… sounds dramatic. But I’m dead serious. I’m on a mission to save lives by giving a fashionable option for protection against bites from those pesky bugs that can carry not only Lyme, but also Zika , West Nile, and all those other “bug diseases”. I’m opening my big mouth and creating awareness. And I’m supporting those organizations that are making great things happen in the bug disease world. 

Maybe you really just don't like bugs! Nobody wants ticks crawling, fly’s buzzing, and ants raining on your parade. PESKYS tops and leggings are the perfect fashion forward clothing that makes these annoying bugs a thing of the past!

Bottom line: I want you to go and play outdoors with abandon. I want you to be fashionably fearless.

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