Zika & Pregnancy

Zika & Pregnancy
You all know that I started PESKYS because of my own journey with a bug disease so when another one comes along that is a big deal, you better believe I am all over it.  And as much as I was hoping it just might kind of blow over, Zika looks like it is here to stay.  We have confirmed local cases in Florida and experts predict that it is only a matter of time until it spreads to other states in the U.S.   Whats a girl to do? You know what I always say:
Be Aware * Be Protected.
Here are the quick deets:
* Zika is spread by the bite of an Aedes Mosquito.  While they are aggressive day biters, they also bite at night.  So if you are in a place where the skeeters are out, be sure to protect yourself at night while you are sleeping too.
*If you are expecting or expecting to expect, know that the threat to your child is real.  One Brazilian study showed that 29% of women that had confirmed infection with Zika had some level of complication with their pregnancy such as microsephaly or abnormal brain structure in the baby.
*And just to put the icing the cake, Zika is sexually transmitted as well.  So, if you are trying to get pregnant, your partner needs to protect himself too!
Take a breath.  Don't freak out. 
Prevent those bites!
Even if you are in an area that is warm, it is best to wear long sleeve shirts and full coverage on your legs, and of course, have some sort of insect-repellent on you at all times.
The good news?
All of our Essentials pieces have a nice amount of stretch and can be worn both before you are pregnant and while you are expecting.  Our clothes are EPA registered to protect against mosquito bites, and they are safe for expecting moms to wear.  The treatment is invisible and odorless, so protection is as simple as putting on your clothes.  Of course, we always recommend using a topical on any exposed skin.
Our #peskysgirl Becca H is wearing our Insect Repellent Alissa Mesh Hoodie and Worlds Yummiest Leggings.  Available Now.  Shop www.Peskys.com

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