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What kind of pesky bugs will my clothes repel?

Good question! The treatment of our clothes has been tested, proven, and EPA registered, to repel mosquitoes, ticks, ants, fleas, chiggers, flies, and midges (otherwise known as no-see-ums). Sorry, ladies! Not effective against pesky men.

But HOW does this actually work? What is this magical ingredient?

Permethrin. Yes. The stuff that your mom used to get rid of lice with when you were a kid. The proprietary application process binds the treatment so tightly to the fabric that it lasts 70 washes on the leggings and tee and 25 washes on the mesh tops. 

So, my clothes are going to stink, right?

NO! That is the beauty of this. It's completely odorless and invisible. If I didn’t tell you that it was treated, you would never know, but the bugs do.

That’s all great, but is it actually safe?

Absolutely. 100%. Kids can wear it. Expecting mothers can wear it. Even me, the sensitive one, can wear it. Allow me to get a little nerdy here. Permethrin has been successfully used as a US EPA registered product since 1977 with an excellent safety record. The bug repellant in our clothes is near your skin, not ON your skin like traditional bug sprays. And it isn't just us who think this stuff is amazing... Insect-repellent clothing is recommended by the CDC, WHO, and lots of other big-time agencies.  Want more techie deets and all the scientific tests? Tons of really good info here: Insect Shield FAQs.

I don't like high maintenance clothes. Do I have to do anything special for it to work?

That is the beautiful thing. You wear the clothes and our treatment does the rest. Just don't dry-clean them. In fact, we suggest handwashing and hang-drying the mesh tops, not for the repellency, but just to keep them looking good.

Okay, I’m in. So, how many articles of this stuff do I need to wear to really keep the bugs off?

The more clothing you wear, the more repellency it will offer. For example, our tank top is great for protecting your torso and waistline. Think about sitting in the grass and avoiding ticks from checking out your belly button, but not so much avoiding mosquito bites on your arms. Where the coverage is, the protection is in place. In seriously buggy situations, you should always put a topical on exposed skin.

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